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Jiangsu LongJie Duoer Environmental Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional spray booth, coating, environmental and baking equipments manufacturer. We have been approved by ISO9001 & CE certicates, with scientific research & develop, design, production, installation, adjustment and and after sales service in one.
Longjie Duoer has four product series, including:
I. Spray booth and related equipments: water-solubility spray booth, infrared heating spray booth, oil and gas burner spray booth, pre station, baking lamp.
II. Coating and surface treatment equipments: various types of sandblasting machine, all kinds of shot blasting machine, spray, immersion pre-treatment, phosphate, cathodic electro deposition, electrostatic powder coating, curtain cabinet, oil curtain cabinet, with a pump water curtain spray booth, no pump water curtain spray paint room, drying room, rain room, dry spray booth, water rotary spray booth, venturi spray booth, stove, four yuan body, three body painting fluorescent lighting.
III. ESP Series: pulse single bag filter, air filter box, long pulse bag filter, cyclone, cartridge filter, sintered plate dust, wood dust, and central dust.
IV. Baker/Drying oven: oil type, electrical heating type, steam type, infrared heating type, tunnel type.
Vision To improve people’s livehood and working environment and beautify the life.
GoalTo become the best in China and the leading in the world coating, environmental protection equipments, drying equipments manufacturer and service provider.
Core value Cooperation, focus, integrity, simple, transcend, share the benefits
Employing concept Morality, ability, hardworking and agility
Marketing concept Take the achievement of customer value as the core; Take thoughtful service as the soul; Establish strategic alliances with customers.
Market concept To meet the demands of customer and provide high cost/performance r
atio’s products.
Management concept Respect personality, advocate Wolf, emphasize performance.
Longjie always adheres to "people-oriented, benefits sharing, cooperation & win-win" as management purpose, and take "simple, speed, team and surpass" as enterprise spirit. In the increasingly fierce market competition, with our own technology research and development, superior product performance, competitive price, complete and high-quality service, we constantly absorb foreign advanced technology, produce customers’ most satisfied equipments, and also can design and manufacture various types of spray booth, coating, environmental protection, drying equipments according to user’s requirements.
Your satisfaction is our persistent goal.